We partner with innovative companies to help them navigate through the unmapped territory of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

About Us

Founded in 2014, we support innovative companies to embed diversity and inclusion into the core of their business. We work with clients to design better products and processes, deliver exceptional services, and build company cultures where employees thrive and really feel they belong.

We have worked with clients in Canada, U.S.A., China, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Vietnam, including tech start-ups, government, academic institutions, and large corporations.

We use evidence-based research, deep qualitative interviews, customized quantitative datasets, and academic and industry experience to design sustainable and transformative tactics with our clients.

We know that this work is challenging and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but we persist because we desire to challenge the status quo. In fact, our ultimate goal as a company is to be put out of business - not because we couldn't hack it - because we’re no longer needed.

We approach this work with heart, humour, and a deeply intersectional lens.

Our Services


We conduct assessments to understand our clients’ diversity, inclusion, and belonging maturity. We use a customized mixed-method, research-based approach to identify areas of bias, inequity, and toxic culture within companies. The methodology typically includes a quantitative survey and a series of qualitative assessments. We conduct interviews and / or focus groups with employees, experts, and other key stakeholders, as well as review internal and external company communications, including websites, policies, benefits, and work-perks. We review the accessibility of all physical space as well as past and current company off-sites and events. We examine processes including recruitment, hiring, growth, and development and we also review a company’s products and services.

After we conduct the assessment, we analyze our clients' data and provide a report of our findings and recommendations for targeted strategies to address our clients' challenges.

Consulting & Advising

Once we have completed our assessment, we offer consulting services to evolve the recommendations, co-design policies, and implement a diversity, inclusion, and belonging strategy. To do this, we often work with employees across all levels of an organization, from executive leaders to junior staff, and across many functions. By building relationships throughout companies, we are better able to monitor our efforts over time to ensure the long-term sustainability of our strategies.

We offer on-demand advising services to executives, HR and people managers, leaders of employee resource groups, and diversity and inclusion leaders to support them with questions and concerns relating to diversity and inclusion within their organization.

We advise companies on product and service offerings to ensure that their products meet the needs of a diverse and inclusive market. We also help organizations to design private and public events to ensure that they are both inclusive and accessible.

Workshops & Keynotes

We work with people at all stages of the learning journey - from executive leaders through to the junior staff. We come to this work from a place of compassion and empathy; we understand that becoming socially conscious is a challenging and continuous process. We don't allow room for blame and shame in the process, but we do work to hold people accountable for their actions.

We offer customized content on a range of topics including, but not limited to Power, Privilege, and Allyship, Unconscious Bias, and Inclusive Leadership. We also help clients to understand and discuss current news and navigate difficult conversations within their organization, including sexual harassment in the workplace and the #metoo movement.

All of our content is action-oriented, grounded in decades of research, and demonstrates our extensive industry experience. To accommodate a range of needs, we offer one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and keynotes addresses.

Our Clients

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Our Team

Sarah Saska, BAH, MA, PhD

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Dr. Sarah Saska is an academic turned entrepreneur, working to guide innovation (and the disruption…

Andrea Rowe, BAH, MPA, PhD

Co-founder & Partner

Dr. Rowe is an innovator and policy leader with a track record of excellence in…

Ivana Lochhead headshot

Ivana Lochhead, BAH, MBA


Ivana Lochhead is a Brand and Marketing Strategist with a data-driven and human-centered design approach…

Rebecca Factor headshot

Rebecca Factor BAH, MSc


A graduate from the MSc program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Western University, Rebecca is driven…

Kanchana Arachchi headshot

Kanchana Arachchi, BAH, MLRHR


Bio coming soon! Pronouns: She/Her

Alison Terpstra headshot

Alison Terpstra, BAH


Alison is a passionate intersectional feminist who uses her background in history and political science…

Jobu Kondo headshot

Jobu Kondo, BFA, MDes

Inclusive Designer

Bio coming soon!

Malavika Kumaran headshot

Malavika Kumaran, BSc

Data Scientist

Bio coming soon!

Gordon Ramen the dog

Gordon Ramen

Resident Sock Thief

Our core team is supported by a broader team of researchers, consultants, inclusive designers, and data scientists.

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Interested in learning more about the work we've done with our clients? Want to see how we can support your organization? Get in touch at hello@feminuity.org.

We are also in the process of building a team of dedicated professionals who are led by a desire to challenge the status quo and a love for people and possibilities. If you would like to join our team, we want to hear from you!