We are a consultancy devoted to helping companies navigate through the unmapped territory of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Founded in 2014, we help our clients design better products and processes, deliver exceptional services, and build company cultures that their employees love and thrive in.

Who we are

We are led by our desire to challenge the status quo and our love for people and possibilities.

Together, with our clients, we design effective diversity, inclusion, and belonging strategies to transform our clients’ capacity for innovation. We draw on data, evidence-based research, and industry experience. We help our clients to design better products and processes, deliver exceptional services, and build company cultures where employees learn, grow, and thrive.

Our approach at Feminuity is guided by the knowledge that diverse and inclusive companies are more innovative, more profitable, and better for everyone.

What we do


We conduct assessments to understand our clients’ diversity, inclusion, and belonging maturity level using a customized mixed-method, research-based approach which may include interviews with employees, experts, and stakeholders, targeted focus groups, and customized surveys.

We have expertise assessing the effectiveness areas such as:
• Recruitment pipeline and processes
• Hiring procedures
• Employee growth and development
• Employee retention

We analyze the data to design targeted, effective strategies to address the needs of our clients.

Consulting & Advising

Once we have completed our assessments, we offer on-going consulting and advising services for strategy design and implementation.

We work with employees across all levels of an organization, from executive leaders to junior staff. We strongly encourage executive level buy-in for all diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives, and we also support employee resource groups to succeed.

Through this partnership model, we work with our clients to execute new initiatives and to implement and monitor our efforts to ensure their effectiveness.

Workshops & Keynotes

We work with executive leaders through to junior staff to advance their thinking. We offer customized workshops that meet the needs of our clients on a range of topics including, but not limited to:

• Unconscious Bias
• Inclusive Leadership
• Growth Mind-Set
• Power and Privilege
• Gender Intelligence

Our workshops are action-oriented and grounded in decades of research as well as the latest future-oriented thinking.

We also design and deliver customized keynote addresses to large groups.

A few of the great companies that we've worked with!

Our Team

Dr. Sarah Saska

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Sarah’s interest in how diversity and inclusion can be leveraged to advance innovation began in…

Dr. Andrea Rowe

Co-founder & Partner

Dr. Rowe is an innovator and policy leader with a track record of excellence in…

Ivana Lochhead


Ivana Lochhead is a Brand and Marketing Strategist with a data-driven and human-centered design approach…

Alison Terpstra

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Researcher

Alison is a passionate intersectional feminist who uses her background in history and political science…

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